Are you a mover in the United States looking for tips on how to find the best movers in your area?  It’s easy if you have all of the proper tools and resources.  That’s what this site will do.  So keep reading to find tips and suggestions for the best movers and services in your area!

Are you seeking a professional and reliable long distance moving company for your move?  If you are, you are in luck.  You have come to the right site for all of the best information to help you choose the appropriate movers for your long distance move. There are a few things you must ask yourself before delving into hiring someone – a moving company or a broker- to facilitate your move.  One of the most important questions is deciding what type of service you need.

Residential Move

If you are looking for a residential moving service, what this means is that you are doing a household move.  Many people do not realize that apartment moving also would be categorized with a residential moving company.  Residential or “home movers” deal with all different sizes of moves.  They can move studio apartments and larger homes.  It is very important that you find a licensed moving company or broker to aid you in your residential relocation.  Such moves need to be handled strictly by professionals and you should not risk having items stolen or damaged by hiring a company that is not legit.

You also want to find out specifics about any add- on charges you might be charged.  Does your home have a stairway?  Is it easy to go up and down the stair way in your home or will any major accommodations be made.  If you are moving from an apartment, will the home moving service need to access an elevator or stairs.  How do they charge?  Will they be assessing all of your items or charging you an hourly fee?

It is very important to get all of this information sorted out appropriately prior to move day.  It may seem as if it is not all that important, but it truly is.  And you don’t want to be stuck on move day paying for all the extra work that wasn’t sorted out properly in the beginning.

Commercial Relocation

Will you need a commercial relocation or business to business move?  This would create a whole bunch of other issues that would need to be addressed.  You should choose the appropriate movers to handle your commercial relocation.  By looking on sites such as Yelp, My Moving Reviews, BBB and more you can get some good suggestions for reputable businesses for your move.  Something I would strongly suggest- if you see a few negative write-ups, please keep in mind that moving is never a pleasant experience.  There are very few people who ever have a good experience moving due to the stress and headache of a move.  So take every review- good and bad- with a grain of salt.

Back to discussing your corporate relocation.  If you are physically transplanting your business from one city to another, you will want to use the best movers for this type of relocation.  Commercial Relocations can be touch.  Your business is at stake here- so you want to be sure to choose the absolute best company for your move.

Automobile Transportation

Will you be needing any type of transportation for one or more of your vehicles for your move?  This is another type of move that will need a very qualified and licensed moving company that is well known in the world of auto transport moving services.

Don’t worry- there are many such services out there at your disposal.  I would suggest choosing a highly recognized service if you will be transporting a vehicle that is very precious to you.  Using an uncovered service could lead to debris from the highway hitting your vehicle and causing small dents and nicks.  I would choose a mover that does primarily this service too.  I would never choose a residential mover who simply also does vehicle transport.  I would want a business specialized in this service.

Here are 10 Moving Tips to Make Your Relocation as Easy as Possible

  • Talk to a few companies before making a decision.  Ask them about their policies and pricing as well as any extra important information about coverage for damaged or lost items.
  • Try to get referrals.  Referrals are the best way to find a mover and can ease the stress and anticipation you will feel on move day.
  • Get organized.  Whether your moving company is doing the packing or if you are packing everything up on your own, the more organized you are the more your mind will be at ease.
  • Ensure any and all valuables are recorded so that if anything is missing you have it in writing.  Many moving companies will offer this as part of their standard procedure and to protect themselves and you during your move.
  • Find a moving company that specializes and is know for the type of move you need.  If you are moving a business, find a company that specializes in commercial relocation.
  • Ask questions. Asking a lot of questions is a great way to feel prepared during the chaos of a move.  If you need to, there is nothing wrong with jotting down any info you learn so it’s fresh come moving day.

How to Choose a Mover for Your Commercial Relocation

When it comes to moving your company, as an entrepreneur, you feel countless superiority about your firm and have considered it with great care that how relocating will affect all parts of your setups. Now when you are done with searching and researching and you have found a new place, you’re at final point to relocate your firm. The last step is selecting the right relocating company to hand over the task.

Ask for References

Before deciding the relocating company, ask them to provide with you references of the last three relocations that they have completed for the other firms that are parallel to your firm. Many relocating companies advertise themselves as commercial relocation business mainly only perform household relocations. These firms will not be able to provide you with any references of parallel businesses that they have relocated. This process will surely aid you discard the fake relocating companies from the professionals.

Insurance Certificate

Another step that should be adopted is asking the relocating company if they will offer an Insurance Certificate on their company insurance terms, representing your firm and the building landlord. This will help you with precious safety against property destruction and workers payment rights. This a normal demand. If the relocating company make false excuses or disagrees, they either has a bad protection record or is not expert in commercial relocation and they must be avoided.

Plan of Work

When you have conducted a pre-relocate inspection with the potential relocating company, ask them to submit a thorough plan of relocation along with their estimated expenses on the relocation. The idea should mention key information, such as the number of trucks, workers and maintenance equipment they will need to complete your project. How to relocation will work from start to end and how much time it will take from beginning to end. After this detailed information, ask yourself: does this appear sensible or not, does this fulfill my need and hopes?

Comparing net cost and hourly cost

The last step is very important, as it is going to decide the expense on your project. Do not make the blunder of only aiming on hourly working rates of the firm. There are many instances in past, firms choosing a relocation company based on the cheapest hourly working prices only find out later that their relocation took much more time than predicted. This will make the real budget to be much higher than what would have emerged with a more better and well managed commercial relocation company. If the estimate of a relocation company appears too decent to be correct, it possibly is.

If you stick by this procedure and go into the details, you will surely be able to find the best firm to relocate your business that comes out at the top and takes as much responsibility as you took in finding the best relocation company. Believe to have an even, well-organized, high class, price effective relocation and don’t settle down for anything less when selecting the best relocating company for your firm.